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​Assessments, guides, classroom displays, templates, examples and lesson resources

For students

eAssessment Revision

MYP Mathematics eAssessment practice materials for over 10 hours of student self-study. A revision checklist with linked resources so that relevant topics can be reviewed. 6 mixed topic, mixed criteria booklets. 3 complete investigations (criterion B). 4 extended real-life problems (criterion D).


For teachers

Ready to use criterion B investigations with task-specific clarifications, solutions and marking guidance. Get all 10 and a step by step guide in one handy e-book.

Investigating Patterns - how to write assessments with 10 examples






















Classroom Displays

Get the key MYP information on your classroom walls in an attractive way to make the rest of the year easier for you and your students. All displays shown are in the colour scheme "Rainbow" but are also available in "Pastel", "Earth", "Fire" and "Indigo".

Minimalist IB Learner Profile Posters (PYP, MYP, DP)

$3.00 Simple yet elegant Ideal for the staff room, a more mature classroom or just to suit your personal teacher style, each poster features an original line art and the name of the trait. You will have access to all 10 traits in landscape, portrait, and square form, both in black and white and colour. So altogether 60 posters to pick and choose from, to arrange as you wish!

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$2.00 including key concepts, related concepts and objectives


$2.00 including command terms and objectives


$2.00 including key concepts, related concepts and command terms

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This digital or printable Learner Profile self-assessment quiz is suitable across the IB (PYP, MYP, DP and all subjects). It includes 5 fun questions where students need to rank the 10 answers for each from most to least likely. This produces a score out of 50 for each of the traits and, if completed digitally, a range of graphs are auto-generated. Use the results to create unique class displays as a perfect back to school activity.


Personalise your written curriculum with these fully editable templates for any MYP subject: subject overview (scope and sequence), unit plan and lesson plan. The assessment rubric is completed for the mathematics criteria with space for task specific clarification, but can be edited for other subjects.

eAssessment Support

Whether you want to introduce the eAssessment to your class, aid revision with a quiz or topic checklist, give your students the opportunity to practice specific types of questions, a wide range, or a full mock past "paper" (digital or printable), everything you need is here!

Reference materials

To save you from sifting through various PDFs and guides on myIB or cross-referencing, print these handy one-page subject reference guides covering up-to-date key info about the MYP and individual subjects.