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Curriculum Support

To help with your school's MYP written curriculum see the example subject overview (scope and sequence), unit plan and learning experience.

Subject Overview

The following example subject group overview includes all of the skills on the framework (from the maths guide) and incorporates a balance of contexts, concepts and objectives. 

Unit Plan

The unit plan covers the inquiry, action and reflection for the unit and unpacks the information from the subject overview in greater detail. 

Lesson Plan

The components of a lesson plan are not unique for the MYP so this format is just a suggestion, there is no specific recommendations given in the guides. However, when planning learning experiences, the IB approaches to teaching (collaborative, concept-driven, contextualised, differentiated, informed by assessment, inquiry-based) should be considered.


See the four criteria in action with these example assessments. Including the task, assessment rubric, sample student answer and marking guidelines.

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