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The Ultimate List of Websites for Effective MYP Maths Assessments

Updated: 3 days ago

So now that we’ve spent the last few weeks covering the structures of summative assessments in MYP maths, let’s look at where we can find some additional support for the different criteria. Firstly, if you are registered with MyIB, the mathematics teacher support material ( is definitely your first stop if you still have questions or want to see examples.

Below are many websites that can provide useful starting points, depending on the criterion you want support with. Most are not made for the IB curriculum, so be inspired, but know they will certainly need some adaptation before being presented to your students.

Criterion A - Knowing and Understanding

If you are looking for content based questions which range in complexity:

Criterion B - Investigating Patterns

If you are looking for starting points for investigations which lead to patterns and proofs:

Criterion C - Communicating

If you are looking for tasks which encourage use of mathematical vocabulary and representation:

Criterion D - Applying maths to real-life problems

If you are looking for authentic, real life contexts for your mathematical problems:

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