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MYP Maths eAssessment - Part 2: Support Material (Formulae, Command Terms, Notation).

Updated: Mar 19

These are the crucial “extras” that students need to be familiar with in order to be successful in the eAssessment. All wrapped up in a handy interactive notebook for you! Just “present” to click through the links whenever needed.

Command terms

It is important to know what the question requires you to do or what your answer is expected to look like. The command terms give you the best guidance for that. There are maths specific command terms however it is important to note that any of the IB command terms (from other subjects) can be used in the maths e-assessment.

Mathematical notation

Mathematical notation may be used to indicate the constraints of an answer, context of a question of the final format for an answer to be put in. Students may also be expected to use mathematical notation in certain answers so would need to know what symbols to look for within the equation keyboard.

Formulae given

Formulae are only useful if used at the right time so students need to know what formulae the question is asking for and how to navigate to the appropriate page. Different formulae are provided for standard and extended so make sure you are referring to the correct booklet! In the e-assessment, the formula book is interactive so students can click on one of the headings to get to the relevant page.

Hope this is useful!



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