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50 Globalization and Sustainability exploration ideas

Inspired by the release of the global context for the 2023 e-assessments/portfolios being “Globalization and Sustainability”, presented below are more than 50 possible global explorations under this umbrella.

In mathematics, the global context tends to be the basis of the real-life problem tasks in the e-assessment so be sure to check out these practice questions based on this global context. If you want to share a full practice e-assessment with your students, there is a resource for that too!

For e-portfolio subjects, the IB also released three PCUPs (partially completed unit plans) for design, PHE and the arts which included possible resources which can be used for provocations. A few favourites are:

Even if your students do not sit the e-assessment, you can use this list for designing upcoming units or inspiring other activities such as personal project or service as action ideas.

The list below is in no way exhaustive. Some explorations are very broad and could be split into sub categories while others are narrow and may just inspire a project rather than a whole unit. Please feel free to share more in the comments.

Use of natural resources

Sustainable habits (reducing meat consumption, minimalistic living)

Earth Day

Stakeholders of the world

Leaders for change

Planning ahead

Sending a message through art (visual, music etc.)

The role of technology in raising awareness/making change

Animal exploitation

Renewable energy

Fast fashion


Sustainability development goals

Climate change

Extreme weather

Human-nature balance


Food - organic, fast food model, food waste

Community action

Advocacy (including protests)

Population change

The power of youth


Long term mindset

Advances in transportation

Vision/big picture thinking

Efficiency - doing more with less

Redesigning for improvement

Keeping up with change


The World Bank (of resources)

Diverse communities e.g. Global workforce


Globalization of sports/music/fashion

Global education

Connection and collaboration

International trade of resources

International financial markets

International competition

Spread of disease (pandemics)

Expatriate living

International study

Cultural exchange of ideas

Standards of living

Recessions and booms



Media and news reporting


Cultural identity - sharing, appropriation, removal/diluting

Economic globalization - multinational corporations, franchise models

Political globalization - NATO, UN

Cultural globalization - converging cultures

Social media


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Ridhima Gupta
Ridhima Gupta
24 апр. 2023 г.


thank you so much for this,

could you post the unit plan for the upcoming global context(globalisation and sustainability aswell?

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